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Conservative Health Coverage That Supports Your Values

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Conservative Health Coverage That Supports Your Values

“Made finding the perfect plan for me and my family simple”

“I am saving over $800 per month”

“Finding America First Healthcare was a Godsend”

“I highly recommend”

“Great people! Absolutely loved talking to them”

“Finding America First Healthcare was a Godsend”

“I highly recommend”

“Great people! Absolutely loved talking to them”

“He is very trustworthy”

“He has been incredibly kind and helpful”

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“Possibly The Greatest Health Coverage For Conservatives…”

Tired of hefty premiums for limited benefits? Want coverage that genuinely understands YOU? You are only one call away from upgrading your health coverage.  During your strategy session, you will learn how to:

  • Vote with your dollars! The majority of plans support abortion and gender affirming care. You don’t have to.

  • Get special access to the two fastest alternatives to Government Insurance which could save you thousands!

  • Legally decline government mandated insurance even in blue states.

  • Choose freedom. Learn how you can opt out of unnecessary health coverage and save big. Choose the benefits you want and pass on the ones you don’t.

  • Get a FREE Expert Consultation. Our advisors are here to serve YOU. And they don’t cost a dime.

See Why Thousands Of Conservatives Love Us…

America First Healthcare

America First Healthcare is a private insurance agency that helps freedom-loving Americans protect their American Dream.  Conservatives choose America First Healthcare because we have shared values, better coverage and better rates.

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Amanda Cummings

"I got it for 30% cheaper, seems like a no-brainer!"


Sofia Sanchez

"I love my plan..."


Clayton Butcher

"Quality of service is excellent!"

The Founder Behind America First Healthcare

Jordan Sarmiento is the Founder & CEO of America First Healthcare. As an entrepreneur and former touring musician, Jordan understands how expensive health insurance can be and how important it is to find health insurance that works for you where you work.

Jordan believes America is the greatest country on the planet. Government is best when it is small and when it allows private businesses to serve its people —that’s why he believes wholeheartedly in private health insurance. 

In 2021, Jordan was hospitalized for 6 days and racked up $95,000 in medical bills. With America First Healthcare’s Conservative Care Coverage, Jordan would only have to pay $500.   

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